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1.50m Grey Eagle Kite

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Tags: Eagle Kite

Let's assemble it with easy and enjoy! 

product description:

Expanded size : 1.5m (W) x 0.8m (H)

Material : plaid coat

Packing: Original bag packaging

Typical : The transfer printing technology , most locations bronzing color ~

Skeleton: high strength resin rod + quality glass steel pole 

Available separately :

 medium-sized cable reel (18cm diameter width ) $55 (400 meter)

Good Idea:

 - Fly a kite or Decorations ( indoor outdoor hanging distinctive )

 - Personal use or gifts choice

The front pole kite is a newer style kite that suits the breeze.

Note : from manufacturers Seiko , elaborate , high-quality skeleton , excellent durability * Easy to fly * .

      High-strength steel bar resin rod + quality glass , durable, disassembly simple , easy to carry.


Item 1.5 m silk stamping before the eagle kite
Kite Size 150cm (W) X 80cm (H)
Weight 0.8KG/pc approximately
Material Kite cloth + resin before the pole + glass steel rod
Craftwork Pre - screen assembly of the brace

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